Chris Morris

My mother was quite keen on photography… when I was twelve years old my brothers and I were entrusted with ‘box brownie’ cameras… myself and my brothers. On holiday we had a competition to see who could get the best picture. I was sure it had to be me, but in fact the prize went to one of the others.

I was about twelve when I took this photo, and the colour was added in much later in the 60’s. I was experimenting with sepia and blue toner.

To parental dismay – I’d already left University once – (Oxford 1962) Now, 1964, with a wife and baby too I was leaving the Polytehnic photo school half way through the final year. I arranged a meeting with the Head to see if she knew of any part time jobs. Within a week she called me into her office: a famous photographer, Lord Snowdon no less, needed a part-time printer, and help on location photo shoots. Wow. What a chance.